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September 15th, 2014 Carola No comments

EPMS Celebrates a Major Milestone
Middleboro, MA– September 10, 2014 – Enterprise Print Management Solutions (EPMS), considered one of the premier vendors of print MIS in North America, announced today that this month marks its 25th anniversary. Founded in 1989 as MicroInk Systems by Carol and Mark Andersen, the company has remained under the ownership and control of the Andersen family. Since its inception, EPMS has installed over 1000 print management systems in printing companies of all types and sizes. Included among its clients are some of the most prestigious printing companies in North America, many of them in the top 20 %tier of the 400 largest printing companies in the United States. EPMS currently offers a completely integrated print management solution with the flexibility and scalability to handle companies of any size that offer digital, sheetfed, flexo, screen, web, large/grand format, business forms printing, and mail and fulfillment. While downturns and changes in the industry have taken their toll on hundreds of printing companies over the years, EPMS still has 400 companies using its flagship Enterprise product, and another 200 still using older, unsupported versions of Enterprise.

According to Mark Andersen, President and Chief Technology Officer, the journey has been both challenging and rewarding.
“We’ve seen tremendous changes in the printing industry since we first started, not only in the technology of print but also in the business models of the companies we serve. Our development strategy has always been to closely monitor new and developing trends so that our products will serve the current and future needs of our user community. The fact that a high percentage of our current installed base has been with us for over 15 years is testimony that we are doing a pretty good job at it. We are looking forward to continuing the journey!”

Carol Andersen, Chairman, had some additional comments:
“EPMS has been able to ride the highs, lows and sharp turns of the printing industry roller coaster because of its strong and consistent management, its solid, state of the art products and its large and extremely loyal customer base. By always putting our customers first we have become one of the most well respected print MIS vendors in the industry today. We earned that respect with many years of hard work, stellar customer service and support and the on-going development of one of the most flexible and highly scalable print MIS solutions available. We hope to be serving this industry for many years to come.”

Craig Andersen, Executive Vice President agrees. “Anyone can sell an MIS solution, and these days most of these systems are pretty similar. What has set EPMS apart from the pack is the exceptionally high quality of its customer service and support and the on-going development of it s products. Focusing on your clients and the products you sell them is what makes a good company an extraordinary one. We believe these are the reasons why EPMS is held in such high regard as an MIS vendor. It’s been an amazing run, that’s for sure, and we have no intention of slowing down now!”

EPMS will be exhibiting at Graph Expo – Booth 349 – and invites attendees to stop and meet the company executives, and to also take a look at the latest version of its Enterprise print management solution.

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EPMS Begins Implementation of Its Enterprise MIS at Cottrell Printing

August 13th, 2014 Craig Andersen No comments

Middleboro, MA– August 12, 2014 – Enterprise Print Management Solutions(EPMS), considered one of the premier vendors of print MIS in North America,  announced today that Cottrell Printing of Centennial, CO,  has replaced  its current legacy MIS with the  Enterprise print management system.  Cottrell Printing has always taken pride in being rooted in the culture of Family Business.  It has grown from the oldest Cottrell brother, John Jr., running a duplicator press in the basement closet of an office building in 1971, to a thriving, medium-sized company, including nine Cottrell family members spanning two generations.  Cottrell needed to move forward from their legacy, home-grown system to a  state-of-the-art print MIS that would take them well into the future.

According to Craig Andersen, Executive VP of EPMS, Enterprise is a perfect fit for Cottrell.  “Our Enterprise system offers a full suite of management software for the printing industry and is considered one of the most flexible and scalable products available today.  Cottrell is a continually growing business and needed a system that would allow them to not only grow but to also diversify as market needs change.  We believe that Enterprise will give them the business-critical controls and efficiencies that will fulfill those needs along with streamlining their workflows and capturing business data that was not available to them in their old system. We look forward to a long and successful relationship with this fine company.”

Rick Hillbrand, CEO of Cottrell also commented about the decision to go with EPMS’ Enterprise MIS.

“Cottrell Printing has found the perfect match to replace its “legacy” system with a product from a company that has proven to share similar values and ethics.  EPMS was a latecomer in our search for a replacement system, but almost immediately, we knew it was going to be a good fit,” commented Rick Hillbrand, CEO (and Cottrell in-law).  “We are still in the throes of set-up and implementation, but the more we learn about the system, the more excited we all are to go live.  This has been the perfect excuse to ‘clean house’ from a procedural standpoint and move away from all the duplicity and multiple touches currently required to push jobs through the shop. Cottrell Printing is a multi-faceted operation with full digital capabilities, conventional offset, fulfillment and mailing services, large format printing, online ordering, and marketing services.  The flexibility of EPMS allows us to tie all of our services together under a single, robust, yet scalable and customizable solution.  We’re eliminating the silos of information and opening up communication streams that were cumbersome at best, or were never available to us.

Chief Operating Officer and Sales Manager, Kim Thorne, who went through the system training process commented, “I am looking forward to having all of our information ‘under one roof.’  There will be countless benefits to having a CRM that ties into the estimating system and flows right through to accounting.  One of the things we are most excited about is to have a partnership with a company that is progressing with the industry and with technology.  We plan to take full advantage of the user group and forum web site, added benefits to our choosing Enterprise.”

For more information about EPMS go to: www.entpms.com

For more information about Cottrell Printing go to:  www.cottrellprinting.com

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An Interesting Perspective

July 17th, 2014 Carola No comments

I came across this comment which had been posted on an author’s site and thought it would be interesting to share:
Bob Sacks has been delivering news and opinions about the magazine publishing industry (with occasional pieces on news-papers and Web-based media) for more than 20 years, partly though a free e-newsletter established way back in 1993. Sacks’ career in publishing began in the 1970s, when he started a weekly newspaper in the metro New York area and later became a founder of High Times magazine. Over the years, he has been director at companies such as McCall’s, Time Inc., New York Times Magazine Group and Ziff Davis. Currently he is a full-time consultant in the magazine publishing industry.
In his own words: In a recent email to his subscribers, Sacks wrote, “Print will survive because it does things that a Web-based product can’t do. … It is a relatively inexpensive product and on most occasions contains excellence in editorial quality and beautiful reproduction of art and photos. When you get right down to it, the whole dialogue of the death of print has been terribly exaggerated. Most of the trauma is from failing newspapers and magazines who can’t supply the reader with the kind of 21st-century content that they need, desire and are willing to pay for. Those titles that can supply outstanding content aren’t suffering.”
In action: Sacks is frequently on the road, speaking at industry events. To get a feel for his myth-busting talks, visit http://bit.ly/bosacks-future.

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May 6th, 2014 Carola No comments

Just to follow up on the last blog…
We all know that print MIS is a critical component of running a healthy and profitable business. But you have to use it properly and you have to use it consistently. If you’ve survived the most recent industry downturn, you’ve had to make strategic changes in the way you respond to the “new” marketplace. Consolidations have picked up again, as have plant closures and bankruptcies. These events create new opportunities for printing companies as well as new challenges. Growth in the digital sector adds new pressures on printing companies, creating forces of change that will require the elimination of out –of-date equipment, the updating of management system resources, and investment in new technologies and staff with technical skills. A robust managements system that can address the contemporary needs of today’s printing companies will form the backbone of change for those companies, permitting management to work smarter, not harder, in the pursuit of profitability.

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April 24th, 2014 Carola No comments

I came across a brief article by Dr. Joe Webb the other day in which he discussed the year end profit picture for the industry. According to his article, “Q4-2013 US commercial printing industry profits were positive for the first time since Q4-2010, at an estimated $870 million for a fourth calendar quarter.”
This is pretty interesting, considering that there are close to 30 billion dollars less in printing shipments and over 8,000 fewer establishments gone! Of course this is all subject to revision by the commerce department but, from our viewpoint, it is likely that the numbers will come out pretty close.
Maybe, just maybe, printing companies are starting to work smarter and run their businesses better. Maybe they have learned to collaborate and consolidate wisely instead of conducting and selling their businesses when they’re in crisis mode. We’ve seen a sea change in the way a lot of our clients and prospects are running their businesses these days. They are more focused on stronger management, stronger internal controls, and more robust internal systems. They’ve weathered some tough economic downturns in the past few years and the fact that they have emerged stronger than before is testimony that they are conducting “business as usual’!

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